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def LDAPMultiPlugins::LDAPMultiPlugin::LDAPMultiPlugin::enumerateGroups (   self,
  id = None,
  exact_match = False,
  sort_by = None,
  max_results = None,

Fulfill the GroupEnumerationPlugin requirements 

Definition at line 233 of file LDAPMultiPlugin.py.

        """ Fulfill the GroupEnumerationPlugin requirements """
        view_name = self.getId() + '_enumerateGroups'
        criteria = {'id':id, 'exact_match':exact_match,
                    'sort_by':sort_by, 'max_results':max_results}

        cached_info = self.ZCacheable_get(view_name = view_name,
                                          keywords = criteria,
                                          default = None)

        if cached_info is not None:
            logger.debug('returning cached results from enumerateGroups')
            return cached_info

        acl = self._getLDAPUserFolder()

        if acl is None:
            return ()

        if (id is not None and not exact_match and not kw):
            # likely from a PAS.getUserById(). In any case 'id' and
            # 'exact_match' means only a single result should be
            # available so try to fetch specific group info from
            # cache.
            group_info = self._getGroupInfoCache(id)
            if group_info is not None:
                return (group_info,)

        if id is None and exact_match:
            raise ValueError, 'Exact Match requested but no id provided'
        elif id is not None:
            kw[self.groupid_attr] = id

        plugin_id = self.getId()

        results = acl.searchGroups(exact_match=exact_match, **kw)

        if len(results) == 1 and results[0]['cn'] == 'n/a':
            # we didn't give enough known criteria for searches
            return ()

        if isinstance(max_results, int) and len(results) > max_results:
            results = results[:max_results+1]

        for rec in results:
            rec['pluginid'] = plugin_id
            rec['id'] = rec[self.groupid_attr]

        results = tuple(results)
        self.ZCacheable_set(results, view_name=view_name, keywords=criteria)

        return results

    def enumerateRoles( self

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